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Swedish Massage 65
A flowing, rhythmic massage which relaxes the mind-body, improves circulation and increases release of toxins.
Deep Tissue Massage 75
A deep pressure, slow massage which releases chronic muscle tension. This technique realigns muscle and connective tissue at the deepest layers.
Neuromuscular Therapy 80
Known as "trigger point" therapy; this massage targets specific areas of the body to help relieve pain. This technique uses deep finger pressure concentrated on pressure points to relieve muscle spasms naturally.
Bamboo Fusion 70
An innovative method which enhances the full body Swedish massage with warm Bamboo. This massage relaxes the whole body and mind.
Qi Shiatsu 80
Bodywork in the Japanese tradition that applies finger/palm pressure to energize pathways (meridians) and enhance the flow of Qi (energy, vitality and stamina). This technique clears obstructions and allows the body to naturally release tension.

Aromatherapy 5
Ancient healers used this practice to benefit from the natural medicinal properties of flowers, seeds, herbs, woods and roots. Add any pure essential oil to enhance the benefits of any Essential treatment.
Cajeput-bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, muscle aches
Cinnamon-improves circulation, sensual, antibacterial, antifungal
Clove-antiviral, antimicrobial, helps with asthma, relieves stress
Lavender-mood enhancer, relaxing, sedative, helps with insomnia
Lemon-speeds metabolism, refreshes, energizes
Peppermint-antispasmodic, relieves nausea and headaches
Sandalwood-deep relaxation, meditation, anticarcinogens

Incorporate the healing warmth of bamboo sticks to any treatment
Energy Healing 5
Add the benefits energy healing to any treatment


Power Lunch 40
A 30 minute relaxing or invigorating head, neck, shoulders, hand, and foot massage with your choice of essential oil; includes a fruit or granola bar and a bottled water.
Detoxifier 85
A cleansing treatment that detoxifies the skin and body with Healing Waters' very own herbal clay and skin balm combined with an invigorating massage.
Energizer 40
A 30 minute invigorating full body massage which incorporates aromatherapy, shiatsu and meridian work to promote an uplifting result.
De-Stressor ~ Upper Body- 40 Full Body- 80
This soothing massage removes stress by incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue and Qi Shiatsu along with calming essential oils.
No More Headache 35
A 30-minute massage targeting muscles in the head, neck and shoulders to relieve chronic headaches. This treatment uses shiatsu (finger pressure) to vital meridian points known to remove headaches.
Chakra Balancing 30mins-45 / 60mins-75
Chakras are the seven energy centers or vortexes responsible for fueling the body and must be in perfect alignment for optimal health. This energy treatment balances the Chakras through color therapy, guided imagery, crystal healing, and Reiki.
Guided Imagery/Meditation 20
A therapist instructs the client through a series of directed thoughts using the imagination to connect the mind, body and spirit reducing stress and promoting relaxation through a focused state of mind.
Reiki Healing 30mins-35 / 60mins-70
During the healing session, the client will be asked a variety of questions about their health. The therapist will then muscle test the body and align the energy channels that are unbalanced. An array of techniques is applied, which include aromatherapy as well as sensory therapy.
Power Stretching 20
Similar to yoga, power stretching is a passive (yet active) form of body work which targets key muscle groups through a series of movements designed to relax the mind and stimulate the body.


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add $10 to any treatment

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